Vero Food

Unexpected and Sustainable Mediterranean Gastronomy.

A global re-branding project for a fast casual food brand, aimed at providing a more solid and attractive experience. 

Our mission was to tell the story of the Mediterranean through its products, materials, and lifestyle, offering inclusive gastronomy and hospitality.

We created a visual identity, both graphic and interior design, to enhance the customer experience and develop a coherent communication strategy.
We managed the art direction for photos and images, ensuring consistent visual presentation.

Additionally, we designed all brand elements, from the logo to packaging.

We also handled the art direction for the photos and images used in the brand’s communication, ensuring an attractive and consistent visual presentation across all channels.

We renovated the brand’s three locations in Rome and created a brand manual to successfully replicate the concept. 

Project created in collaboration with Bluedepend Studio.

Art Direction
Concept Design
Creative Consulting
Graphic Design
Interior Design