Prima Vista VIP Lounge “Portus”

Prima Vista Lounge “Portus” offers an environment where sophisticated design meets serene tranquility.This VIP lounge provides an elevated experience for the global traveler, balancing contemporary elegance with relaxation. Each element is carefully designed to ensure an exceptional stay.
Located in Aviapartner’s Prima Vista Lounge “Portus” at Fiumicino International Airport (Rome) – T3, guests encounter a space defined by refined elegance and design, tailored for the discerning traveler. The lounge spans 732 square meters and accommodates approximately 146 passengers, merging luxury with functionality.The entrance features modern signage alongside iconic cityscapes, setting the tone for a globally connected experience. Inside, large windows allow natural light to permeate the space, highlighting warm wood tones and metallic curtains that provide both aesthetic value and functional privacy.The lounge’s color palette, featuring earth tones, gold, and deep blues, fosters a calm and refined atmosphere, complemented by elegant and comfortable furnishings. Thoughtfully placed lighting adds a soft, welcoming illumination.Attention to detail is evident throughout the lounge, enhancing the traveler’s experience and reflecting the local character of Rome.Prima Vista Lounge “Portus” is not merely a waiting area but a destination in itself, offering a quiet retreat from the airport’s activity.This exclusive space epitomizes our vision of an ideal travel experience, combining comfort and luxury seamlessly.
3D Rendering
Concept Design
Creative Consulting
Interior Design
Project made from Up To You Studio SL.