Carte Blanche

Creative consultancy for the re-creation of a multi-sensorial installation where creativity has absolute freedom and in which the visitor participates actively in the experience.

In this case, the concept was a white room that recreated an art gallery.

We were in charge of the set design and the layout of postcards and posters, for the artistic installation, connecting graphic artists or illustrators and perfume artists.

Creating connections between sight and smell, art and perfumery.

Illustrations by: Stéphane Kielh, Lisa Zordan, Hélène Builly, Thomas Baas, Christophe Merlin, Kevin Manach, Gianpaolo Pagni, Giselle Balosso-Bardin, Plasticbionic, Hiroshi Yoshii, Jeanne Detallante and Charlotte Gastaut.

Fashion & Beauty
Art Direction
Creative Consulting
Graphic Design
Set Design

Project made as Up To You Studio SL.