Blockbusters · New Trends 2021

Creative consultancy for the creation of a series of conceptual and sensorial pieces. Project where creativity led the project that exposed the next trends in perfumery for the 2021.

These pieces were supported with a digital presentation where the audience participated actively in the experience.

A cultural-sensorial-experimental event where trends of our close-future were defined and breathtaking opportunities of the present in olfactive innovation were explored.

At a time when we all live the ON-line we need to rely on the experiential, the physical, the real.

The phygital experience takes the best of the digital environment such as immediacy, immersion and speed. And the physical rescues the possibility of interacting with people, with the product and ideas.

Our client proposed a concept to work for and we take care of developing it and applying it through graphic design and its packaging, creating a great unboxing experience.

Fashion & Beauty
Art Direction
Concept Design
Creative Consulting
Graphic Design