Enrique Tomás Experience

Enrique Tomás Experience is the new restaurant brand of Enrique Tomás. 

This new restaurant is located in the center of Barcelona. 

It was born with the aim of bringing Iberian products closer to the public and offering a unique experience through the most representative dishes of Spanish gastronomy  without unnecessary artifice and based on the highest quality raw material.

The concept for the brand identity at the interior design level was created, creating a solid guide for its future implementations and creative consulting was offered during its implementation. 

This concept has a shop, a restaurant and even an exhibition of Iberian products. 

As a starting point we played with the concept of “market” which is the place where Enrique Tomás’ project began. 

We elevate this concept and transfer it to the world of entertainment, transforming an everyday experience -like going to the market to buy- into a spectacular, memorable and playful experience for the visitor. 

3D Rendering
Concept Design
Creative Consulting
Interior Design
Project made from Up To You Studio SL.